Wolfpaw Wolfpaw is a gray tabby tom with blue eyes, light gray paws and a light gray chest

Book Appearances:Edit

The First Battle

Wolfpaw is born into a fox attack, costing his leader, Dewstar, a life. He is a kit in the nursery with his brother Darkkit. When Wolfkit attacks his brother, his mother (Icethorn), scolds him for beiing too rough with Darkkit. When Icethorn tells Darkkit he will be a great warrior, Wolfkit asks his mother if he will to, and his mother gives a harsh reply, a sign of her favoritism for Darkkit. When Dewstar gives the summons for a clan meeting, Wolfkit is the first to reach the highrock, and Dewstar announces his aprentice ceremony. Wolfpaw is now apprentice to Redpine. When Redpine comes to get him for training the next day, Wolfpaw is seen sharing tounges with Badgerpaw before leaving the den to explore the territory with is mentor and Cheetahpaw, who is searching for marigold. When they leave camp and head towards the sandy hollow, Redpine is impressed by Wolfpaw's change in character. They watch Robinpaw and Owlfeather train before heading towards sunningrocks. At sunningrocks, Scalefur, a RiverClan warrior, torments Wolfpaw, then crosses the border and attacks him. Wolfpaw wakes in Flamebirds den when Tigerstripe's patrol came and reported they saw Shellblade (the RiverClan deputy) leading a battle patrol with enough warriors to drive out an entire clan. He starts to walk towards Icethorn, who hisses at him that he can't fight. Wolfpaw is herded to the elders den by Amberdusk, who explains that he was to guard the elders, Flamebird and Suncloud when the battle begins.

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Mother: Icethorn

Father: Crowstripe

Brother: Wolfpaw

Grandmother(s): dovewing - unknown she-cat

Grandfather(s): Bumblestripe - Unknown tom

Aunties: Waterfrost

Uncles: Dashface

Great Grandmother(s): whitewing - Millie

Great Grandfaher(s): Birchfall - Graystripe

Great Aunties: Ivypool - Bossomfall - Briarlight

Great Great Grandmother(s): Brightheart - Ferncloud - Willowpelt

Great Great Grandfaher(s): Cloudtail - Dustpelt - Patchpelt

Great Great Aunties: Cinderpelt

Great Great Uncles: Ashfur - Brakenfur - Thornclaw - Ravenpaw - Longtail

Great Great Great Grandmother(s): Frostfur - Brindleface - Princess - Robinwing

Great Great Great Grandfather(s): Whitestorm

Great Great Great Uncles: Firestar

Character PicturesEdit

Wolfkit Wolfpaw





Mother: Icethorn

Father: Crowstripe

Brother: Darkpaw


Mentor(s): Redpine