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Welcome to the Warriors - Dawn of the Dark WikiEdit

The Warriors - Dawn of the Dark Wiki is about a book series called Dawn of the Dark i am currently writing. So far the first couple of chapters of the first book (The First Battle) have been completed. The main character is Wolfpaw, a gray tabby tom. Hopefully you will like my wiki and will help it gain popularity by editing and adding pages. Enjoy!

The First BattleEdit

The First Battle is the first book in the Dawn of the Dark series. Each chapter is from the point of view of either Wolfpaw or his mentor Redpine. The main characters are:







I will post each chapter of the story on as I finish them.

Cat on the front cover: Wolfpaw

Top Cats of the MonthEdit

The top cats of the month is a cat from each clan that has been specially chosen by StarClan to feature on the front page.

Top Cats of the month!
Foxfang - Warrior ShadowClan
Dashface - Deputy ThunderClan
Grayblaze - Warrior WindClan
Tumblekit - Kit


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