Redpine Redpine is a russet tom with black paws and brown eyes

Book AppearancesEdit

The First Battle

When Wolfpaw is apprenticed, Redpine is named as his mentor, and is said to be loyal and skilful by Dewstar. The next day, Redpine remembers he is a mentor and goes to collect Wolfpaw for training. He is impressed by Wolfpaw's change of character outside the camp, and they go to watch Owlfeather and Robinpaw train. When they reach the RiverClan border, he asks Scalefur if hunting is good in RiverClan, then attacks him when he hurts Wolfpaw. He later explaines to Wolfpaw that RiverClan are attacking, and gets Wolfpaw to belive they will survive the attack.

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Mother: Rosepetal

Father: Foxleap

Brother: Bramblefire

Sister: Flamebird

Grandmother(s): Ferncloud - Daisy

Grandfather(s): Spiderleg - Dustpelt

Auntie: Icecloud

Uncle: Toadfoot

Great Grandmother(s): Brindleface

Great Grandfather(s): Whitestorm

Great Uncle: Ashfur

Great Great Grandmother(s): Robinwing - Snowfur

Great Great Grandfather(s): Thistleclaw

Great Great Aunties: Sweetpaw - Rosetail - Bluestar

Great Great Great Grandmother(s): Moonflower - Poppydawn

Great Great Great Grandfather(s): Stormtail - Windflight

Great Great Great Uncles: Goosefeather

Character PicturesEdit






Mother: Rosepetal

Father: Foxleap

Sister: Flamebird

Brother: Bramblefire


Mentor(s): Dashface

Apprentices: Wolfpaw