Dewstar Dewstar is a tall gray tom with bright orange eye

Book AppearancesEdit

The First Battle

Dewstar looses a life to protect Wolfkit and Darkkit from the fox attack in which they were born, and later states this is because they are now his clanmates. When Wolfkit and Darkkit are apprenticed, he gives Darkpaw Dusttail as a mentor and Wolfpaw Redpine as a mentor. When Tigerstripe reports about RiverClan attacking, he is outraged that they have come to attack his clan.

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Mother: Brightheart

Father: Cloudtail

Sister: Amberdusk - Whitewing

Brother: Snowwasp

Grandmother(s): Frostfur - Princess

Aunties: Cinderpelt

Uncles: Brakenfur - Thornclaw

Great Grandmother(s): Robinwing - Nutmeg

Great Grandfather(s): Jake - Fuzzypelt

Great Aunties: Brindleface

Great Uncles: Firestar

Character PicturesEdit






Mother: Brightheart

Father: Cloudtail

Sisters: Amberdusk - Whitewing

Brother: Snowwasp


Mentor(s): Spiderleg - Lionblaze

Apprentices: Tigerstripe - Owlfeather

Deputy Position:Edit

Preceded by: Squirrelstar

Succeeded by: Dashface

Leader PositionEdit

Preceded by: Squirrelstar

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