Dashface Dashface is a sleek white tom with black dashes on his face

Book Appearances Edit

The First Battle

Wolfpaw remembers that Dashface remarked that his hunting crouch was purfect, he then thinks this means he will be a great warrior.

More Coming Soon...


Mother: Dovewing

Father: Bumblestripe

Sister(s): Icethorn - Waterfrost

Brother: Unnames tom

Grandmother(s): Whitewing - Millie

Grandfather(s): Birchfall - Graystripe

Aunties: Ivypool - Blossomfall - Briarlight - Amberdusk - Icecloud - Hollykit

Uncles: Larchkit - Foxleap - Dewstar - Snowwasp - Shrewpaw

Great Granmother(s): Brightheart - Ferncloud

Great Grandfather(s): Cloudtail - Dustpelt

Great Uncles: Ashfur

Great Great Grandmother(s): Princess - Fostfur - Brindleface

Great Great Grandfather(s): Whitestorm

Great Great Great Grandmother(s): Nutmeg - Robinwing - Snowfur

Great Great Great Grandfather(s): Jake - Thistleclaw

Great Great Great Aunties: Rosetail - Sweetpaw - Bluestar

Character PicturesEdit


Status Edit




Mother: Dovewing

Father: Bumblestripe

Sister(s): Icethorn - Waterfrost


Mentor(s): Cherryblaze

Apprentices: Echosong - Redpine

Deputy position:Edit

Preceded by: Dewstar

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