Darkpaw Darkpaw is a broad-shoulderd tom with a black pelt and a missing ea

Book AppearancesEdit

The First Battle

Darkkit's ear is bitten off by a fox when he is born, he also leads to Dewstar losing a life. Darkpaw is soon apprenticed to Dusttail. When RiverClan attack, Darkpaw is told by Amberdusk to protect the elders, Flamebird and Suncloud.

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Mother: Icethorn

Father: Crowstripe

Brother: Wolfpaw

Grandmother(s): dovewing - unknown she-cat

Grandfather(s): Bumblestripe - Unknown tom

Aunties: Waterfrost

Uncles: Dashface

Great Grandmother(s): whitewing - Millie

Great Grandfaher(s): Birchfall - Graystripe

Great Aunties: Ivypool - Bossomfall - Briarlight

Great Great Grandmother(s): Brightheart - Ferncloud - Willowpelt

Great Great Grandfaher(s): Cloudtail - Dustpelt - Patchpelt

Great Great Aunties: Cinderpelt

Great Great Uncles: Ashfur - Brakenfur - Thornclaw - Ravenpaw - Longtail

Great Great Great Grandmother(s): Frostfur - Brindleface - Princess - Robinwing

Great Great Great Grandfather(s): Whitestorm

Great Great Great Uncles: Firestar

Character PictuesEdit

Darkkit Darkpaw





Mother: Icethorn

Father: Crowstripe

Brother: Wolfpaw


Mentor(s): Dusttail